9.29.22 - 10.2.22



Jimmy O' Neal | About Now: An Introspective
Closing Reception

Friday, September 30
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Virtual Artist Talk

Bill Lowe Gallery
764 Miami Circle, Suite 210 Atlanta, GA 30324

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Jimmy O’Neal | Hippopotocampus | 2012

Bill Lowe Gallery is pleased to present the newest exhibition of works by Atlanta artist Jimmy O’Neal in
About Now: An Introspective.

In this quasi-retrospective exhibition, new paintings, drawings, sculptures and installation, alongside remastered earlier works, create an immersive platform for a central theme from throughout the artist's three-decade career: the exposure of the thin membranes that exist between our experiences of reality. O'Neal articulates this most effectively through the application of his self-engineered lens-based mirrorrized mark making.

Redefining the material possibilities of medium, mechanics, and time, is at the heart of the insatiable curiosity that drives O’Neal’s practice. The result is paintings that transform our sensory perceptions into something that can only be captured by the experience in a singular moment. This is the magic – born out of contrasts: space/time, here/there, then/now.

About the Gallery

Bill Lowe Gallery was founded in the summer of 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia on Bennett Street by Bill Lowe. Longtime artists in the roster include Thornton Dial, Michael David, Maggie Hasbrouck, Kathleen Morris, Todd Murphy, Jimmy O’Neal, Kathleen Morris and Michael David. The extensive exhibition history of the gallery includes internationally renowned artists such as Ida Applebroug, Markus Lupertz, Donald Sultan, Dale Chihuly, Hiro Yamagata and Lieko Ikemura. In the early 2000s, Bill Lowe Gallery opened a second primary gallery in Santa Monica, California, which operated for eight years, later closing to refocus on bolstering the gallery’s prescience in Atlanta.

Under the ownership and direction of Bill Lowe (1989 - 2021) and Donovan Johnson (2020 - Present), Bill Lowe Gallery represents artists who share powerful and eloquent visions supported by a highly advanced mastery of their media. The Lowe's stable is noted for the visceral emotional quality and the sheer physicality of its work. These qualities lend a highly theatrical flavor to the gallery's offering.

Imagistically, the gallery's scope ranges from complex, narrative-driven, figurative works to those which skew to the extremes of meditative minimalism. Thematically, the gallery's aesthetic is characterized by a metaphysical yearning articulated by process and imagery which is strongly psycho-spiritual and psycho-sexual in nature.

Bill Lowe Gallery maintains an accelerated exhibition schedule which features both thematically organized and solo artist shows every 4-6 weeks. Typically, the gallery will juxtapose an internationally renowned artist in its grand salon with a mid-career and emerging artist in adjoining galleries.

Bill Lowe Gallery has gained an international reputation for its curatorial skills. Committed to a standard of excellence amplified by great visual drama, the gallery's ability to mount exhibitions which resonate powerfully with critics and viewers alike has become legend.

About the Artist

Using his mirrored lens-based painting technique, O’Neal’s paintings reflect the world around us masterfully changed by the painter, and perhaps truer to feeling. O’Neal presents the evocative nature of the frequencies and unseen visual poetry that are ever-present, thus documenting an individuated experience of the constant flow of consciousness. To do so, he captures "real-time" signifiers of this reality and provides us with glimpses into the universal Gnosis - our inner knowing of that which we cannot consciously articulate. Steeped in multi-dimensional theory, O’Neal’s abstract large format gestural paintings envelop the viewer in a distorted, parallel reality - through the looking glass.

Over the years, O’Neal’s scientific mindset has led him to innovate in both the materials and processes that guide his practice. For instance, the mirrored acrylic painting technique he created during the late 1990s speaks to the legacy of other contemporary artists, like Michelangelo Pistolleto, who used the mirror as a strategy for inviting the viewer’s participation. However, in O’Neal’s case, it is the mirrored lens paint itself that makes each one of us an active component of the intricate compositions constructed with expressive, highly textured, and overlapping abstract traces. 

O’Neal has exhibited in galleries and museums including The Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, and the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art. He received his BFA in Illustration and his MFA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). O’Neal has created many major public art installations including one of the largest commissioned works at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Golden Goal, in Atlanta. Additionally, his paintings and public works are in collection at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, the Cobb Energy Building in Atlanta, Georgia; the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS); and the Hanesbrands Theatre, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Photos Courtesy of Bill Lowe Gallery